4GB DDR2 in 2GB slot?

I've accidentally bought a single 4GB DDR2 stick instead of 2x2GB sticks.
My motherboard (a Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H) has two slots and says it supports a maximum of 4GB - 2GB in each slot.
Three questions:
1) Will the single 4GB stick work at all in this motherboard?
2) If it does work, will I see all 4GB or just 2GB?
3) Will the 4GB stick cause any damage?
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  1. 1- No, the 4GB will not work on the mobo.

    2- ^Answer in the first question.

    3- No, if you install the RAM on one sitck, the mobo start to make bips, but nothing else.
  2. i would give it a shot if you already opened it, it wont hurt anything and who knows, it just might work....
  3. Thanks guys - given there's minimal risk, I'll try the 4GB stick and see what happens.
    I'll have a go at the weekend and post back
  4. im interested to hear how it turned out. let us know when you get a chance
  5. No,I dont think it will boot!

    Why are u taking so risks?
  6. ^Isn't a risk, the only thing that can happen is that the mobo start to beep and the PC don't boot.
  7. some mobo's will say that they only support 2gb per slot or what ever, but when you look at the specs for the chip set its self, it will support more. this is especially true with amd systems as the ram controller is int the cpu and not the mobo, therefore the mobo has little influence on the ram that can be used.
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