Help cpu bottlenecking

my config
2gb ddr2 800mhz
stock cooler

recently i hv buyed hd6870
and now its bottlenecking like hell
giving me a li'l better performence than 5770....

plz help
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  1. A simple "Hi" can help too.

    How do you know that isn't performing better? I think that you need 2GB more RAM.
  2. +1 either get another 2Gb RAM a Hyper 212+ and overclock or get a new motherboard, CPU & 4Gb+ DDR3 RAM.
  3. if i get 2gb ram and hyper 212+ i can overclock higher naa
    and wat abt this can overclock cpu to at least 3.8...

    and it isnt performing better becoz i m getting lags in every game fps drops below 10 after every 10sec and 3d mark score is giving me 2920 which is just slightly above 5770 scores 2670
  4. Those lack are driver or overheating.
  5. so buddy can u pls tellme which driver to use
  6. bump
  7. Let me know what temps are you getting, use HWMonitor of MSI Afterburner for know that.
  8. 46 idle 83@ load
  9. using furmark
  10. 1- Download the latest driver for your GPU from here: but DON'T RUN IT.
    2- Download Driver Sweeper from here: and install it.
    3- Disconnect from Internet (turn off your router) and run Driver Sweeper, select all the ATI and nVidia drivers, select analyze and after that, clean.
    4- After system reboot install the driver again.
  11. done
    no performence improve same score and lagging
  12. Now, donwload MSI Afterburner and create a fan profiel, you fan must be in "Auto" and that doesn't work well.
  13. yeh but nthng helping in increasing my scores...
  14. ny more suggestions!!
  15. Return the 6870 and get a slower video card.

    Then use the money you saved to buy more RAM or put it in a savings account for your next system build.
  16. yeah, 2g of ram isnt enough. if you overclock everything your gains will be almost nonexistent without the extra ram.
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