Need help with my build (PSU Wiring)

Okay, so I am putting my new system together. All the hard is installed and ready to go. I am now hooking up all the wires. My PSU, Antec EA750, does not have any labels on the wiring. 1) is there a wire diagram for the PSU to tell me what goes where? Or is it just there the plugs fit thats where they go?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. The plugs are pretty obvious as to where they go, there is no wiring diagram because the number of wires that you end up using depends on your configuration.
  2. The mb needs two power connectors from the psu

    one will be 24 pins and can only go one place , the second will be either 4 or 8 pins and there will probably be both those on the psu . Plug in the one the mb uses and forget the other .

    All other devices [ hard drive cd etc ] have a power lead from the psu that should be self explanatory because of the shape .

    Same with gfx cards which often have an auxiliary power connector from the psu

    Im sure if you read the manuals and follow instructions it will all be pretty clear cut
  3. Nevermind!!! I did not have the power strip turned on. One question though. Only my front fan is running. I have a Coolermaster Scout case which has three fans, there are not enough plugs in my EA750 and there are two plugs from the case that are not pluged in. The PSU have one cable with three flat 4 plugs but one goes to my DVD drive and one is plugged in to the front fan. The other can't reach either of the two other plugs?

    What about the female plugs on the back of the PSU, can I get adapters for those to power my fans?
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