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I bought a new Galaxy 9800GT card , i installed it successfuly and everything was fine until i shutdown the pc and turn it on tomorow , now i have a black screen and the card is not working . But when i plug it in on a x4 slot the card is working but i am using just a 1/4 of the performance. Can someone help please .

I am using ECS 945P-A motherboard with 945P Intel chipset.
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  1. did the card replace another one or integrated graphics?
  2. No i had Ati x1650 but it was on pci slot.
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  4. Did you uninstall all of the drivers? Plug in the PCIe power cables?
  5. What's the BIOS settings for the PCI-E video slot?
  6. The bios doesn't have any specific settings about the pci-e slot and there is no update for the bios. And yes uninstalled drivers and plug power cables.
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  8. Did you try both DVI ports of the card?
  9. Yes i've tried both of them , nothing
  10. I dunno can it be the problem with the bios ? , cause i cannot find update can someone direct me of some setting in the bios that needs to be changed
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