Geforce 7600 GS AGP with Asus p4p800-vm motherboard

I just bought a Geforce 7600 GS AGP display card and tried to install it on my Asus p4p800-vm motherboard. The power supply is a new ATX 300 watts. The computer didn't boot, and the display didn't get any signal from the card. (I tried both an LCD 19'' 1440*900 monitor and an old 17'' monitor.)

The computer boots in a normal way when I use my old Geforce 6200 card. The 7600GS card should be OK, because it has been tested in another computer after I tried to install it.

All possible power cords etc. inside the computer have been plugged.

What could be the problem here? Could it have something to do with the BIOS?
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  1. could be, though i would look @ PSU first

    the 7600GS if memory serves me correct does use more power than the 6200 does.

    Also the motherboard may have problems with it, I remember a similar problem with my mothers computer, was an old Dell running the 865g chipset, and i put a 7600GS EVGA card inside it, no work, took it back to fry's but didnt have another AGP slot to test in. IF it helps I excahnged it for an x1600pro and that worked fine
  2. The Geforce 6200 worked fine under a power supply of 180 watts (Which is quite a surprise, because I noticed on its package that it needs at least a 300 W PSU, which is the same as the official recommendation for 7600 GS). So I've tried the 7600 GS with those two PSUs, the one with 180W and the other one with 300 W. I also removed the power cords of the CD-Rom-drive and the DVD-Rom-drive. I tried the card also without the hard drive power cord being attached, (which should give almost 100 watts more power for the 7600 gs to use), but there was still no activity on the display when I turned on the computer.)
  3. Incorrect: no hard drive pulls 100 watts of power (more like 1/10th of that to be exact), so pulling the hard drive power is very little help. A GF 6200 uses a very slight amount of power (and may not even require an external power connector even) compared to the 7600 GS AGP, and I highly recommend that you look closer at finding a PSU that supplies more wattage and amps to the 12V rail (and a well branded PSU to test by). Additionally, be certain the molex connector you are using to power this card is the only device on that length from the PSU.
  4. I'm gonna say not enough AMPs on the 12v rail of that 300W PSU. If the card isn't getting enough power, it won't give the BIOS a go ahead on Post and your system won't boot.
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