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Hi, i am bulding a new rig for my i7 860 but i don't know which model to choose.
I was thinking in Asus P7P55D PRO or GiGABYTE GD P55 UD4. Which one would you pick?
I know that gugabyte has more extras like usb 3.0 and sata 6gb/s but i am not sure about gigagyte's contruction quality or materials. So i am asking for an opinion.
Is there any other model/brand in the same price tag that i should consider?
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  1. ^ FYI Gigabyte and ASUS are the top 2 manufacturers in the mobo segment, along with EVGA(Only for intel) then followed by MSI and other manufacturers...
    So the build quality of the Gigabyte boards will be very good...
    And make sure you buy the GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P and not the GIGABYTE GA-P55-UD4P as the P55A version has the USB3.0 and SATA 6GB/s(If you want these)...
  2. +1 gkay09 - My recommendations would be Gigabyte, Asus, and EVGA. Never had problems with MSI either.
  3. I just chose the P55 UD4P from Gigabyte for my i5-750 update. I really don't attach much for USB peripherals, so the USB 3.0 means nothing to me at this point.

    OC'd my i5-750 to 4Ghz @ 1.32V in about 10 minutes. Was a piece of cake. Reviews on the UD4's have generally been pretty stellar as well. :)

    Gigabyte and Asus are my first choices. Have had luck with both so far, and both always get good reviews and reputations.
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