Received all my parts. Now what

I had a previous post about selection of parts. I now received everything, and I am a little nervous. I have replaced all kinds of parts in pc's before, but never built one from scratch. Can someone point me to a good tutorial for some tips. Mainly looking for formatting hd, setting up bios options, and installing windows 7.
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  1. it seems that this will help you,i can't guarantee that it will be useful but give these videos a try

    and please tell us the parts you purchased so that we can give you some tips
  2. CPU- [...] 6819103674
    MOBO- [...] 6813128392
    RAM- [...] 6820231166
    HD- [...] 6822136319
    Antec 300
    Video Card-
    Ati 4890
  3. thanks for above posts, I will check them out.
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