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I'm thinking of buying an NAS Raid1 server for home use.
QNAP, Netgear or Excito are the three I've managed to like...

Excito B3 is silent (or near enough) with the case working as a cooling flange but has an ARM 1,2GHz, 512DDRII.

Netgear RNDU2000 is cheap (relative) and equipped with 1.8 GHz Intel® Atom™
single-core, 1gb DDR3 Sodimmm. Fan makes it loud (heard of a couple complaints about noise levels but I can hide it i guess)

QNAP TS219P+ is little dearer and equipped with a Marvell 6282 1.6GHz and 512gb DDR3. Inbuilt fan - noise ?

Now, I'm guessing that all three are capable of streaming and all the other 'requirements' of a modern houses brain box...

Question is - are the differences in CPU's and RAM going to register in typical home use apps or are streamed videos going to jitter etc?

With a price tag that lies in or around the same ballpark, whats the real diff ??
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  1. Have you considered Synology? I have had problems with a QNAP enclosure in the past, was supposed to be the top-notch model for a RAID 5 and the mobo inside it crashed just after the warranty expired. Needless to say, there was no software-based solution to help me restore the RAID array and retrieve the data. Their customer support was" yeah, sounds like the controller is dead, you'll need another enclosure; as far as the data on the array, sorry about your luck".
    Lessons learned: never go RAID 5 for back-ups; get a simple and reliable RAID 1 enclosure that has good ratings. I had that Synology for years now, and one HDD went bad on it, just swapped it and never had a problem.
    Just my experience, your mileage may vary.
  2. Thanks!

    Pretty much what I was thinking - Raid 1 for backup of family photos, docs, music, ...

    A couple of interesting considerations...

    1. The Excito Bubba 3 has no fan so its dead quiet.
    2. No fan etc = very low power consumption.
    3. Can / most probably should be used as the primary WiFi router.
    4. The HDD (according to the homepage documentation) is a Western Digital Caviar Green (Energy saving) and as such not a great choice for Raid 1 application.
    5. Lack of a second inbuilt hard drive means an external - As the bubba 3 has no fan the casing (aluminium) is used as a heat sink. Thus the second disk needs a casing (if used in an enclosed space) and this is relatively expensive.

    other than that it all looks pretty damn yummy.

    1. Specs are pretty much the same.
    2. Enclosure holds two HDD making RAID 1 a breeze.
    3. Router possibility is not an option (I believe)
    4. Power consumption is much higher than the Excito Bubba3 but less than my PC. (8W < 30-60W < 150W)

    Had a problem with Netgear equipment before - so i'm leaning towards the QNAP.

    My question still stands however - Is processor power and differences in RAM size going to make significant (user detectable) differences to streaming capabilities of the units ?

    Cheers muchly again.
  3. Just had a quick look at the Synology system - looks pretty good actually.

    Couple of points to note.

    Max = 6TB. (2x3TB) .... Nice!

    1.2gHz Processor... same as the Bubba3

    Cheapest unit.

    Now whats the quality/ease of use/time to death like ??

    anyone ??
  4. my Synology (it's a DS 207+) still runs strong after a few years of heavy usage. Got one for my office and it survived quite a few power outages (due to storms and such). It's a simple model with 2 HDD bays i setup in RAID 1. The simpler, the better and more reliable., not to mention cheap to replace in case it goes down(like a mobo problem in it or something of that nature... the HDDs are easy to replace, although require opening the unit up).
    now they must have some successor to that model in their line-up.
    The NAS explorer is easy and straightforward to setup, and the whole unit is built very solidly, like a small tank made of plastic.
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