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Corsair H70 or Noctua NH-D14

Guys i am really freaked out, i am having my build in front of me but i am confused between the two cooler.....

Corsair H70 and Noctua NH-D14.

Had reviewed both of these two on various sites, all were in favour of NH-D14 but still how could a air-cooled prodeuct be better than a water cooled product...

Initially i planned to use "COOLER MASTER R4-L2R-20CK-GP 120mm Blue LED FANS" to replace the stock fans that comes with corsair H70, but still i am not sure if it will be worth spending on those fans to replace stock fans??

please help me ..... i really want to enjoy my rig, which one would you think is good for me (i am planning to overclock my processor may be >4.2 GHz)

my config is....

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA P67-UD7-B3 (have nice compatibility with both h70 and noctua nh-d14)
Memory - Gskill Ripjaws-X
Processor - Intel i5 2500k
GPU - msi GTX 560 Ti Hawk (SLI)
Case - Nzxt Phantom (not planning to use the side 200 mm fan)

and one more question .....

the stock fans that comes with noctua nh-d14, will those be sufficient if i will be overclocking my CPU >4.2 GHz ?? or should i replace them ??
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  1. hey guyz .. i think there is a twist, the review chart of corsair H70 here on this site shows that its 3-4 degrees better than Noctua NH-D14.,2757-6.html

    now i am too much confused.. !! guys please .. i need help

    Davcon buddy where are you.????????????????????????????
  2. Hi dude!
    From my perspective there is no reason to spend over $80 to cool a SB cpu.
    The best high-end coolers where developed to cool i7 9xx and x4/x6 AMD cpu which have a much higher TDP stock or oc'd.
    Something affordable like a Zalman Quiet or Performa would do quite nicely.
    And are 1-2C off from some of the best coolers on the market and quite a bit cheaper.
    Until i start seeing reviews of coolers tested on SB platforms i'll remain convinced $80+ coolers are overkill for SB..
    I'm certain the Noctua and Zalman will be quieter then the H70.
    Most people do end up replacing the H70 fans = noise
    Usually with Scythe's or other high-end fans and certainly not CM fans..
    Btw CM Sickleflows are loud i have one on a shelf = loudest fan in every case i tried it in.
    The 19db rating is B.S., i know cuz, i have real 20db fans (Thermalrights)
    You can buy whatever you like,there are many happy campers using both coolers you're considering.
    And i'm sure either one will cool your rig quite well.
    Like i said,i really can't see a SB cpu requiring an expensive cooler.
    That's my 2 cents.
    Good luck your build looks sweet:)
  3. Question is will your Gskill Ripjaws fit with the Noctua NH-D14...If not go with the Corsair H70...But if it does go with the Noctua all the way
  4. hey buddy good to have you back.....

    actually price is not the concern all i need is cool processing...... if there's another cooler out there that can outperform these two then please mention that... or help select between these two.....
  5. RipJaws - X doesnt have any clearance issue.... its just that i want to sli 560 .. i hope NH-D14 does not interrupt it.. :D :D
  6. Why don't you just get a Thermalright Archon other the being tall(will fit in your case)
    It's alot smaller then the Noctua and comes with an excellent 140mm fan.
    Tested on an oc'd i7 980X@4.46GHz = pretty sure it will cool a SB lol!
  7. Its really sad but Archon is not available in my country, i will have to pay extra to have it shipped right to my place :(

    buddy any other suggestion?? :(

    what if i consider these two coolers (H70 and Noctua) these two are available here....
  8. the article that you posted had another review of thermalright silver arrow and also h70 stating that h70 is not upto its mark.... too much noisy and is outperformed by Silver arrow and NH-D14 both, and it can be made competitive if its fans are replaced by some high rpm fans....

    well i was wondering if i use Cooler Master 120 mm LED (R4-L2R-20CK-GP) to replace those fans..... can they do good.. because the CM website states that those are 1600-2000 RPM fans ......
  9. RPM are not as important as CMF. Those R4 are good, but if you want something really good then you have to go with Gentl Typhoon AP-14 or AP-15, Yate Loon or Panaflo fans.
  10. 200 CFM Deltas.

    That sucker might just fly.
  11. Hey okie get offf those fan issues , i just want to know if nh-d14 will be good to overclock my CPU or h70??
  12. i5 and i7's (2500k/2600k) chips as you get clocked higher will spit out a lot of heat, so either will work, but you'll see higher temps than the older i-series chips.
  13. himanshuas2711 said:
    Its really sad but Archon is not available in my country, i will have to pay extra to have it shipped right to my place :(

    buddy any other suggestion?? :(

    what if i consider these two coolers (H70 and Noctua) these two are available here....

    Well i would go with the D-14 then,the Tom's review you posted is the only one i've ever seen with the H-70 outperforming the D-14.
    Read at least a dozen reviews concerning the D-14 and it was always better then the H-70(when it was included).
  14. Best answer
    Go with the NH-D14.No point in using water cooling if your not acutally gonna use water cooling.The H70 is priced at $110 US and for $40 more you can have urself a real water cooling system that will spank the H70 pretty bad.I don't see the point in spending that much money for a cooler if your only gonna see the same results as the best air coolers.
    Go with the NH-D14.
    You shouldn't have any clearance issues with the DH14 and an SLI setup.The cooler is more tall than wide and all of the GPU's are underneath it.
  15. ^Yes. Very much agree on this point.

    For the price of the H70 and some decent fans in push/pull to improve in the performance, you might as well go and get the XSPC Rasa RS240 kit and will perform much, much better ($130 US)
  16. Guys thanks for helping me, this was all that i needed, no doubt i'll be going with nh-d14

    thanks again :D :D :D :D
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  18. I don't recommend the H70 way over priced, I will never again spend that much on a cpu cooler. The only reason why I bought the H70 was because I thought liquid cooling CPU would be quieter. It is actually way louder and doesn't fit well with cases with side panel fans. It will limit your build. Unless you have like a corsair pc case, Go with the noctua, i wish i did. Most people who have the H70 end up putting noctua fans on them anyway. Corsair fans suck.
  19. thanks for the advice mate... i was about to do the same mistake.... :)
  20. I think you are going to have problems with both. Where are you getting the compatibility info it compatble with MoBo or compatible with twy GFX cards installed in Slots 1 and 3 ? If ya got something published that says it' fits with an SLI configuration, ignore me :) But with all the PCIE slots on the UD7 to get x16 x16 (and it would seem silly to get this board if you were not looking for x16 x16 SLI or CF) you need to use slot nos 1 and 3 .... Slot No.1 looks too close to the CPU to fit either cooler.

    I don't have a UD7 but the equivalent board (WS Revolution) from Asus with a pair of Asus 900 Mhz 560 Ti's overclocked to 1000 MHz.... you can read about the two MoBos which are compared here:

    I can tell you for a fact that the H70 will hit the GFX card in the top PCI-E slot on the Asus WS .....given the layout of the comparable UD7, I expect the same. This is because, in order to fit all those PCI'E slots (you have 4) on the board, the top slot is pushed higher up than on a 2 slot board. I did a build recently where the prospective owner wanted a Antec 920. I talked him outta the 920 cause like the H70 it's just too damn loud, but he went with the quiet 620 as it substantially outperforms the Corsair models. When the components were attempted to be installed, I found that the bottom of the radiator would hit the GFX card circuit board. Next cooler tried was the Thermalright Silver Arrow .... this and the Archon currently sit at the top of the pack for air coolers. The following test results are for Intel 1155/1156/1366 platform

    Stock Fans:
    Corsair H50 73.1
    Prolimatech Super Mega 67.2
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 65.9
    Corsair H70 (high) 65.3
    Thermalright Venomous X 63.0
    Thermalright Silver Arrow 61.8
    Cooler Master V6 GT 61.2

    Delta Fan:
    Corsair H50 68.1
    Corsair H70 64.7
    Cooler Master V6 GT 59.5
    Prolimatech Super Mega 59.4
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 58.7
    Thermalright Venomous X 58.0
    Thermalright Silver Arrow 55.8

    In another test here, the DH-14 loses out to the Scythe Mugen 2 which is half the price

    When I tried the Silver Arrow on the WS Revolution we had the same problem with the cooler hitting the top GFX card. The Silver Arrow is 147 mm from top to bottom when mounted as directed with the space between the two stacks of fins running vertical and fans blowing to rear of case. We were able to install it however by rotating it 90 degrees (now with a 122.6 mm dimension) and fand blowing up to top of case. Though we probably lost a degree or so if cooling capability, the OC'd 2600 is running at 4.8 GHz with temps below 70 and fans dead silent (all case fans also on lowest speed setting).

    As the DH-14 (160 x 140 x 158mm) is bigger than even the Silver Arrow, it's obvious it won't fit on the WS Revolution. That makes it unlikely that it will fit on the UD7. The Mugen 2 is 125mm (w/ fan) by 130mm x 157mm so other than the Silver Arrow rotated 90 degrees, this would appear to be your best shot....if 130mm works treat ... if not ya can try rotating it and using the 125 mm dimension.

    Measure the distance from the center of the CPU socket to the top to your GFX card once installed. If it's less than half the length of your cooler, you are going to have fit issues.
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