Problem With Boot Saying i have 2 OS's and i DONT!!

recently when my computer boots on its says choose an os to use and i only have ONE, it shows:
Microsoft Windows (this is the one that actually works and i use!)
Windows(Default) <-- i have no idea where this came from and when i click on it, it says missing or corrupt <windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
PLEASE tell me how to get rid of the Windows(Default)
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  1. It means someone reinstalled Windows and chose to keep the previous copy. You can change the default by going into the control panel, choosing system, then startup. From there you can change the default and even reduce the menu time to zero seconds so that it boots faster.
  2. I did but it only shows one OS.. now im worried
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    No problem, you will just need to edit the boot.ini file directly using these instructions from Microsoft.
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