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OK i know there are not many (if any) the use all 4 cores of a qiuad, can i be safe to assume I can get a high clocked dual core for the next 6 months and be safe that it will run all the games coming?
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  1. It depends on the models,which models are do u want to compare?
  2. Yes... dependant on the rest of your system of course... Examples: E8500 and Nvidia 9400GT (no)... E8500 and ATI 4890 (yes)
  3. If your specs are in your sig, are you using onboard graphics with your quad to drive a 1920 resolution BenQ?

    Also, what psu do you have?
  4. E8400 or E8500 will keep u in game for quite a while, a year probably. they clock like crazy. maybe even a e5300 clocked to 4 GHz will do the job. :)
  5. Absolutely even games optimized for quad cores still benefit more from core speed than core numbers, as far as gaming is concerned a fast dual core with good cache and a good gpu will give you all the performance you need for at least another year or two it will be a whgile before quads become the standard in gaming.
  6. okay thanks, I have noticed on my quad core that core 3 is holding my cpu back thats the one that fails, so dual core i assume removes most of that risk hehe
  7. Hmm odd... anyway windows doesnt do a great job of allocating Cores to different tasks (windows 7 may be better at this).... but you may find that 1/2 of your cores will be idle in games. Office / video work tends to work better on multi core chips.

    Guess it depends what you use your PC for most will determine the best chip.

    I have an old pc E8400 and works a treat in games... even on stck frequency - my New i7 on the other hand is a quad... and works flawlessly on just about everything.
  8. these are the other parts
    SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Samsung SH-S223F Black Internal 22x Speed DVD Drive
    AMD AMD Phenom II X2 550 7MB Cache AM3 Black Edition With Fan and Heatsink
    SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Samsung 1TB EcoGreen 32MB SATA II hard drive HD103SI
    ASROCK Asrock A790GMH-128M AMD 790G+ SB750 mATX MotherboardOn Order
    6GB DDR2-800 PC2-6400 Desktop Memory
    Aywun Black Mid Tower ATX Case with 500w Power Supply
    2X ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB DDR5 PCI-E Video CardOn Order
    BENQ BenQ G2410HD 23.6" 2ms Widescreen LCD Monitor
    Sub-Total: $1,410.07||$1,452.37
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