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Motherboard for qx9650 for video encoding (adobe applications)

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May 13, 2011 3:14:08 PM

I am looking for a new motherboard. I'm currently running my QX9650 on Asus P5B-E at 3,3Ghz with XFX Radeon HD5770 factory overclocked version, 6gb pc-6400 ddr2 ram. But the computer keeps crashing on video intense tasks like gaming and video encoding. I suspect it is that the motherboard is not compatible with the pci-e 2.0 video card.

I have read the forums and looks like the P45 chipset is the best choice, but it is hard to find a good motherboard, since they are not made anymore.

I think i would benefit from a lot of Ram, since i do a lot of video encoding and editing. I'm thinking about finding a ddr3 1600mhz motherboard since ddr3 is cheaper now than ddr2. And i would like to get as much out of the processor as possible.

Would ddr3-1600mhz run faster than slower ones with that cpu? Which motherboard would be good to boost this system up for one last time.

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May 13, 2011 5:35:55 PM

According to your headline question, video encoding different with gaming !! Your CPU just for preview but not encoding.
your cpu and motherboard is good. but for video encoding from Adobe more faster use Nvidia (256bit above better) like 9800GT, it will match with your QX9650. Nvidia have CUDA. It'is recommend from adobe site. And get more size ram above 4Ghz better. Encoding video from adobe use accelerate Nvidia GPU. It will help cpu load.
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May 14, 2011 9:54:49 AM

I'm just looking for cheapest way to upgrade to pci-e x16 2.0 and perhaps more memory (16GB), and since ddr3 is cheaper i was thinking to upgrade to ddr3 motherboard.