New Build, Cant boot with external hdd plugged in!

Last night i put together all my new computer parts, ill give you a run down of the parts:

asus p867 pro
i5 2500k
4gb ddr 3 1800mhz
2x gtx 560 ti
ssd 60gb ocz.

Upon first boot it kept restarting itself and it took my over an hour to figure out that i had to unplug my western digital 600gb external HDD just to get the system to boot so i can install windows, even after installing windows i cannot have the external HDD plugged in when it boots up, otherwise it keeps restarting , i cant even get into bios with the external HDD plugged in.

Please help me its driving me nuts. Although i can plug the external HDD in the usb only after windows has booted and it works fine, restart it and it just loops.
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  1. With the external HD disconnected, go in to the BIOS to check your boot order. If the USB is set to boot before your internal HD, you'll continue to experience the problem every time you start your computer.
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