Cpu shuts down and is not booting up

i have an acer aspire M1641. been using it for a year already. but lately i've bee experiencing unexpected shutdowns for unknown reasons. during these times the power button's led is still lit up so i just turn off the avr. but when i turn on the avr again, the cpu is still powered on but windows is not booting. can anyone please tell me why my cpu does this and how i can prevent it from happening again. thanks
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    Sudden shutdowns while running are normally caused by heat or a failing power supply, though there are other lesser possibilities. If your PC needs to cool down before it boots again, that's another indicator of a heat problem.

    You can check for a heat problem by downloading a program called Realtemp, and watching it while runing. If your core temps rise above 75C before shutdown, then heat is the likely cause. Solutions include blowing the dust out of your PC to make sure hot air can get blown or pushed out. You also may need to "reseat" your heatsink.

    For now de-dust your PC, download RealTemp, and see if you can check temps.

    If its not heat, the next most likely problem is your power supply unit. Given the price of your PC, not a lot of money was put into this unit, so failure soon after the warranty period would not be unusual.

    But let's check the heat first.
  2. thanks so much. now if i can just get my pc to boot up again, i'll be sure to check it's temp. i do hope it is the problem and not the motherboard.
  3. Could be the mobo, but its a distant third in overall probability.
  4. yeah, i've found the problem already. turned out that the memory is way too dusty. i wiped it off and my pc has been functioning just fine since then
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