OCZ Vertex 3- Lightening Fast

Found this article on Engadget that I figured you guys would enjoy:


Apparently, this beast can hit 550Mb/s read and 500Mb/s write speeds. There was no mention of cost, but chances are that it will set you back more than you want to spend.
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  1. Anandtech did a preview on it today. Makes my mouth water and my wallet hurt.
  2. Looks like now I have a reson to upgrade to a SATA III MOBO.
    Is ASUS comming out with anything I should be looking at that supports the Intel CPU.......
  3. To bad it's going to be expensive. I would say around $500 or more, i wouldn't be suprise if it cost $1000.
  4. Impressive... I have my SATA III motherboard in my Newegg wishlish ready to press the buy button :D
  5. Yeah it will probably last 3 weeks, and OCZ will change it to like 10nm or something and not tell anyone and it will perform at half speed. lol
  6. OCZ is solely focusing on SSD's now, so I would expect them to have a fix / update quickly for the issues seen on the 25nm.

    I don't foresee any similar issues with the Vertex3 Pro...
  7. Tom's Hardware and AnandTech just published their reviews of that drive. Expect more reviews at other web sites.

    All three articles mention that the particular model is an enterprise version. It is designed and intended for use by mainstream big business. It is not the model that will be offered to consumers, gamers, and pc enthusiasts. The consumer version will have fewer features. I am also wondering what else OCZ will change to lower prices for consumers.

    Have any of you looked at or considered PCI-e based solid state drives? They have an enormous potential. For starters triple the throughput of high end SATA based drives. The downside of course is their price.
  8. They don't support trim is another downside because they are only raid
  9. staind - trim is replaced by independent garbage collection. Garbage collection has improved. It definitely was a problem on old ssd's with the JMicron 602B controller.
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