Issues with Windows 7, New build!

Hey guys,

Just put together a new PC and installed windows 7. The install went fine but once the system started up I find it freezing non stop! It just hangs for a few minutes, works, then hangs again. I've reinstalled several times with similar results.

I'm currently running in safe mode with no issues, and the hardware seems like it's working fine.

Here's the system setup:

Asus Rampage 2 Gene
Core i7 920
Corsair Dominator GT 1866
2x 4890 XXX
WD Black HDD
Corsair HX1000

If anybody has any suggestions it would definitely help!


Update: Flashed to newest Mobo bios, similar results.
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  1. Its definitely a hardware or driver issue. Be sure to install only the basic hardware items to get started to minimize what piece of hardware or driver is causing this and add them back one at a time until the problem starts again.

    I ran Windows 7 beta for a while with no issues. It seems to be getting a better start than Vista (except in your case).

    Good luck with it.

    Also try with 1 card. Dont try to Crossfire during installation...
  2. Sounds like a driver issue. Could it be your crossfire?
  3. Removed a graphics card, booted, same problem.

    Gonna try with only a single stick of ram.
  4. Now I'm confused, working with a single stick of Ram and single gfx card....

    Time to figure out what the culprit is!
  5. plug back your video card and then slowly insert the ram. =) Your answer is right there.
  6. Alright, all 3 sticks of ram, both GPU's in crossfire. Running ok atm.

    Tried playing HAWX and the system froze requiring a hard reset after about 10-15 minutes.

    Gonna try running a few more tests, if anybody has suggestions please post them!

    P.S. I am running the newest version of ATI drivers
  7. Post some stress test results and some temperature readings.
  8. So, managed to get things stable at stock speeds, proceeded to overclocking. Currently running Prime at 4.0 GHz (200 Bclk) and 1.25v. Max temps seem to be around 70 degrees. Once the Sugo case comes in I'll work on dropping the voltage until temps are in line with what I want. Probably looking at 3.6-3.8 GHz in the smaller case with a Zalman 8700. Very impressed with the D0 cpu, on water I'm confident it would hit 4.5 without hesitation.

    The GPU's are also running well, at 950 MHz each and 1050 memory. I'll work on moving these up once the processor is stable.
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