Checking hardware configuartion

original had a read disk error msg...used the XP disk trying to start recovery the program starts to load then ... checking hardware configuration and then goes blank.

Any help would be helpful

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  1. Check for updates... the repair files could be conflicting with the new (Up to date) files that your system already had.. because there is a good chance that your Disc has a previous Service Pack or update version.
  2. Thank you. please explain "check for updates" on the repair files or my computer? Also, how to I get them to match? And, how do I get into my computer if it is locked up?

    Please advise
  3. If it's locked up, and you are not confident with completeing maitence on your pc take it to your local computer store.

    Otherwise open windows updates.. and check that you are up to date.

    Or complete a fresh install/backup your data..
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