MSI 9500gt Graphic issue

I have bought 9500gt 1gb Msi and I am using it on ASUS p5gc-mx
I have c2d 2.8ghz and 2gb ram
I played gta sa, just to check graphics but was disappointed
I have played gta sa on ps2 and my pc is far above the requirements of gta sa
Still it's not giving full graphics as it should give
Using msi gpu on asus board cause trouble? Or I have to change some settings? i installed the card and started playing the game haven't touched the settings
Pls help
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  1. Have you played other games with it? Can you return the card and get something better?
  2. ^+1

    the 9500GT is not that powerful of a card, you should have at least gotten a 9600GT, it doesn't sound that different but ti is actually a different GPU core
  3. See following review for approximate performance you can get with a 9500GT:
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