Graphics card HELP for Doom 3

I'm trying to build a cheap bare bones comp with the cheapest graphic card I can find that can run Doom 3 perfectly

And also to do that at the what would I need RAM wise???
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  1. an ATI 4650 or Nvidia 9500GT can max out Doom 3 with 1GB of ram but why are you building a computer for just one game?
  2. big doom fan on a budget who hast played doom 3 yet............... also what kinda CPU would I need???
  3. I think i played doom 3 on a p4 3ghz and a fx 5200 lol.
  4. Harvey Two Face said:
    big doom fan on a budget who hast played doom 3 yet............... also what kinda CPU would I need???

    why not just buy a used xbox? They are probably close to the price of a 4650.
  5. But They didn't look as good as the pc ports, and what kinda cpu should I be looking at???
  6. Here is a config that should cost less and should be able to play the current games atleast @ lowest settings and Doom 3 @ Max...
    X2 7750 - $65
    Gigabyte 740G - $55
    Any 2GB kit - $25
    HD4670 - $70
    Cheapo case - $20
    PSU - atleast the CM eXtreme PSUs...But the Antec EA380/ SILVERSTONE ST400 would be good - $40
    320GB HDD - $50
    Around $485

    Intel alternative -
    E5200 + Gigabyte G31
    Rest same
  7. Man, I played Doom 3 on my old lowly Duron 900 (overclocked to 957, but had to raise it to over 1GHz just to be barley playable when beating that hell guardian) and an overclocked GF3.

    Anyway the parts gkay09 listed would be sufficient. I'd invest in a better motherboard though so that you can upgrade the CPU and maybe add another 4670 for crossfire latter (which also means investing in at least a decent 500W PSU). Also, if you invest in a good PSU you can always carry it over to your next build. I don't know about that 740G motherboard though as I don't know if it supports the 7750 out of the box. For an AMD motherboard I would recommend

    ASRock A780GMH/128M $71.99

    You could probably play Doom 3 with it's integrated video :D. Also, the ACC is useful if you are going to overclock a 7750/7850, but if you go with an older Athlon 5400 BE or something that's a moot point :D. If you would be interested in crossfire in the future then you may want to consider this board

    ASRock A780GXE/128M $79.99
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