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Im studying a IT degree and through the uni i'm with i can get free microsoft programs and this includes Windows 7 Professional.

Because Microsoft are cheap they don't give us the actual discs so we have to burn and iso onto a disc and use that. It's a full copy and works just like a retail version.

But it won't boot from the disc! I have tried BIOS settings to change boot order and have even disabled the harddrive and it still ignores the disc in the drive and boots my old vista OS.

I'm under the impression that there is something i need to do in order to make it a "Bootable" copy of windows rather than just the needed files on a disc.

If this is the case then i'm stuck because i have no other disc that i'm aware of.

All i wan't to do is completly format my hard drive and start from scratch because with vista i had some Graphics card driver issues that wouldn't update proberly even after registry cleaners and safe mode removal.

I've tried to partition the drive and installed windows on the partition but i can't format drive C: it just won't let me and i have no floppy drive so cannot use DOS. I've tried CMD prompt and that doesn't work and ive tried everything in Administrator. I've tried to rename the drive which doesn't work.

I'm now thinking that if might just plug the drive into another computer which runs xp and format it through that but im worried that will change the drives letter from C: which i can't be bothered with any problems that will cause.

Can anyone help i just don't understand why i can't use the windows installation to format the drive before i install it. Why doesn't it have this option anymore? it used to on XP why have microsoft removed this option?

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  1. Did you use something like CDBurnerXP or ImgBurn to burn the ISO to the disc?

    I haven't installed Win7 in awhile but it seems like you don't even need to do from boot. From whatever Windows your in just load up the installer program select custom install and it reboots and goes from there or something.

    You might also try burning a Live Linux distro and see if you can get that to boot just to determine if its something with the boot order or Windows disc you burned.
  2. yeh i used Active@ iso burner and have just tried to format the C: drive using Active@ Killdisk as im running windows on a partition E: but didn't work.

    I downloaded theISO from mdsn academy website and it unpacks it and presents you with the ISO image. I used Active@ to burn to a DVD-RW disc and it closed the disc and it works 100% but won't boot from disc. It works like you mentioned by running it in windows and it just does its business.

    So it works but i need to format the harddrive to remove old faulty files and programs that i now cannot remove for some reason.
  3. Did you change the boot order in the bios?

    Personally I prefer to use a 8 gig usb stick for installing windows 7 since it's much faster.
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