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I just bought a 100-foot crossover cable to accomodate for what will be the second computer in our household.

Well...the trouble is, I don't exactly know how it I connect it. I knwo this is the simplest form of sharing the internet...but:

Is it actually a network?
Is it a LAN?
Will it work fine with all teh games that offer LAN play?
How do I connect the two computers (they both have network cards)?
What software do I need?
What exactly are the steps to setting it up?

Sorry for the barrage, but look at the bright side, once I know, I can handle the next barrage by the next guy like me.
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  1. 1)Yes.
    4)Plug one end of the cable into one computer, and the other end of the cable into the other computer.
    5)You need an operating system on each computer, nothing additional.

    You're going to have a hard time sharing the internet this way unless you've got 2 network cards installed in one of your PC's. You should reply with a little more info about how you're hoping to set this up.

    Normally, the way to share internet in a home with multiple computers, is by connecting a Router to your Cable/DSL Modem and then your computers to the router.
  2. Here, go to they have tutorials on how to setup your internet connection sharing.
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