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I have a Belkin wireless router that's directly connected to my main home computer(running on windows XP). I have three additional laptops(Two Vista and one XP) in the house also connected wirelessly to the router and now a new desktop computer running Vista.
I want to set up a home network where all files on each computer can be accessed from another and the house printer can be shared but i've got no idea how to go about doing this, can anyone give me a step by step guide please?
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  1. Start by networking a couple of computers via the router.

    1) Turn off firewalls.
    2) Enable sharing on relevant folders.
    3) Make a note of the names of the computers (Control Panel, System)
    4) Go to Networking in Control Panel or to My Network Places and Add A New Network Place -- follow the wizard.
    5) Personally I would, initially, link the computers via ethernet cables via the router rather than using wireless -- mainly because there are so many other variables in wireless.
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