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What are some of the top of the line best quality micro atx cases?
I can't decided what to get, ive been looking at http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146043 and i think it looks cool, but thats all im basing on me liking it, what are some other options
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  1. check out the p180 mini. Its an awesome case for $79 on newegg. It also comes with an already black inside which is a huge plus.
  2. That does look like a nice case, what do you think about the rogue though?
  3. Silverstone SG-03?
    Not sure u keen on shoe boxes/LANparty boxes that house mATX mobos hehe
  4. I guess im just burnt out on "standard" looking cases lol
    I think the rogue case looks really cool, but it seems big enough to fit everything i could possibly need
  5. Me too! I started DIYing with that box for others but i liked it so much i swapped up my older ATX casing and went with SG-02F since i'm on a mATX mobo anyways hehe
  6. Does anyone have any idea about that rogue case its seems like it must be decent quality since it is normally supposed to sell for $150. Is it reasonable to think this way, or should I look at it like its a $70 case because thats how much newegg is selling it for


    btw i do like the look of that silverstone sugo
    i just think the rogue would be easier to move around with that strap it comes with
  7. The rogue is actually a tad bigger than SG-02F but it can house slightly taller after market HSF ^^
  8. The Rogue is made of aluminum. Lighter than most steel cases.
    It is supposed to cool better.
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