Need help Overclocking i72600k + Gigabyte UD4-B3 please.

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  1. For the average Sandy Bridge CPU...

    1. Reset all settings to default.
    2. Set CPU voltage to 1.3-1.35v.
    3. Set CPU multiplier to 45.
    4. Save and exit.'s usually that easy. There are exceptions, of course.
  2. Well does it freeze when you revert back to default settings (NON OC)? If not then obviously your OC settings are causing it not the ram. If you are convinced its the ram, run memtest and check for faulty DIMMS. Overclocking can sometimes be tricky.
  3. Quote:
    Alright ive set up oc once again and now have been running prime95 for 2 hours and so far so stable at max 80-83 temp. Im starting to think that the freezing is caused by faulty mem sticks. I hope not cause im too damn broke to replace them.

    Your temps seem a bit high for a 4.5GHz OC. Are you using a stock cpu cooler or an upgrade? My rig is at 4.9GHz and I'm getting 84-85C max during Prime95 runs. At 4.5GHz my cpu (i7-2600K) would probably be at <60C.

    that guide should help as well.

    You might wanna try reseating your heatsink as those temps are on the high side.
  5. Have you ran memtest on your sticks yet? Or are you still getting the freeze-up issues still?

    What kind of configuration do you have within your case? Push-Pull? Pure exhaust only? Are any fans blowing across SATA drive onto or into the case?
  6. SATA Drives?

    If you do, you are actually adding to the heat inside the case(in the case of the front fans) I would keep the side fane blowing the way it is. I would turn the fan around in the front to be an exhaust fan. The reason is because if you have SATA drives, they run really, really hot... And if you are blowing across them with the front intake then you are blowing that air into and across your southbridge, GPU, and then upward across your northbridge and CPU...

    Try that out and report back.

    Good luck, cheers.
  7. You dont want to put too much thermal grease as it could actually decrease the cooling performance. You want enough on there to fill in the small imperfections on your heatsink(the part that touches your cpu.)
  8. Quote:
    Alright ill try that out , although im not sure how ill take it out the case and flip it around. Ill have to google if its even possible for this case.

    If your HAF932 is anything like my HAF922, taking the fan out and flipping isn't a big deal. You might have to remove a drive or two if they're in the way, but otherwise it's pretty simple.
  9. Quote:
    I also have my heatsink fan downwards facing the video card. Should i move it to the top so as it sucks hot air out the heatsink it gets blown out by the top fan?

    This might be the culprit right here. If the CPU cooler fan is blowing air downwards onto the graphics card, you have it in the wrong direction. The CPU is a significant heat source, and you're disrupting the entire case's airflow. The heat sink should either be blowing towards the rear exhaust fan or towards the top exhaust fan.

    I'm kind of going against the grain here, but I don't recommend changing the direction of the front fan. That's supposed to be an intake, and it's supposed to be blowing over the drives. That air shouldn't get warm enough to significantly change the CPU's temp in a tower case anyway -- unless you had no other airflow at all.
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