4pin vs 8pin power cable

Ok! So i got all parts of my new comp installed, cable management is done, yet i still have something i'm not sure of.

The motherboard (Asus Crosshair III Formula) has an 8pin slot with a tiny cap on it that covers 4 of the pins leaving the other 4 open, meaning a 4pin connector can go there. My power supply (Silverstone Decathlon 1000w) has both 4pin and 8pin options.

So question is, should i remove the cap and use the 8pin cable, or just go with the 4pin? And either way, what's the difference?

In case the rest stuff on board matter, the CPU is an AMD 965 Black Edition, Thermalright True 120 Black cpu cooler, 4GB of 1333 OCZ ram (2x2gb), and an ATI Radeon 5850 VGA.

Thanks in advance..
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  1. The difference would be apparent in overclocking. Take the cap off and connect the 8 pin since your PSU supports it. It will provide a greater stability (in theory at least). The cap is there for older PSUs that only had 4 pins.

    To sum up: 8pin better than 4pin, so just connect it :)
  2. Opa! eisai kai Ellinas blepw! welcome to the forum!
  3. Yep! Thank you! ;)
  4. I'd suggest going 8 pin. I always do when I have the choice, as it certainly can't hurt.
  5. There was a lid covering the 4 pins. I'm worried in case i fry my motherboard. Are u sure that it can't hurt? ^^
  6. Read the MoBo Manual dude :)

    See Page 2-37

    I downloaded a copy here:


    "Ensure to remove the cap on the EATX connector before connecting an 8 pin EPS +12V power plug.

    Use ONLY an 8 pin EPS + 12V power plug for the EATX Power Conenctor"
  7. They put the lid there more to emphasize that it can run with a 4 pin if necessary. If the 8 pin fries the board, then the board or PSU was defective.
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