Memory for P7P55D-E pro with core i5

After getting a lot of excellent advice on Motherboards on this forum I decided to move on to Memory and keep my fingers crossed!:)

Does anyone have any recomendations for P7P55D-E pro? I do not know about memory, compatibility etc and looking for some help so I dont make any big mistakes!

Would I be ok going with 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Memory? I believe the motherboard can handle it. Would I need to go for 4 x 2GB? I cant seem to find higher than 2GB. Also does manufacturer make a difference? If so, which are recommended?

The PC will be used for Graphic and perhaps Video work (more hobby than business)

Thanking you all in advance:)

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  1. GSkill, OCZ, and Corsair are my main choices. For i5, you must get ram under 1.65V. Also, without OCing the CPU, 1333MHz is the max ram speed (note, you can put in faster chips and they will run fine, however they will run at 1066 or 1333, not at their full rated speed).
  2. Thanks for the very quick reply.

    "For i5, you must get ram under 1.65V."

    I guess this one is important, thanks. 1333MHz is suitable for me I think. I will probably try overclocking at some point, heard it is not as scary as it once was!

    "GSkill, OCZ, and Corsair are my main choices"

    Looks like a great place to start looking!

    Appreciate the advice, thank you.
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