Is this a good fan setup? (Obsidian 800D)

Picture explains it all

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  1. anyone please?
  2. I have this case and for the moment i didnt put fans on the top, but the other fans I have them positioned as you are showing. System is 1 year old and i never get above 60 degrees cpu (i7 930 2.8ghz with N520 coolermaster) and gpu never over 65deg. (hd5870).

    I have been thinking to put fans on top and i think the most effective would be to have:

    //// rear //// middl //// front ////
    //// push out //// push out //// push in////
    //// cpu //// ram ///

    i hope this plan was clear :D
  3. I forgot to mention that you will really hear the fans on top so 4000 rpm is waaaay too much, you should really buy smthing really really silent
  4. to be honest i dont care about noise at all.
  5. thats what i said when i bought that case too but 1 year later my head get dizzy from the CPU cooler's fans because this case is a kind of open-air case which mean you hear 100% of whats going on inside.

    But anyway, if you have no prob with noise go put those fans you'll have a nice cool case with perfect airflow :)
  6. The fan profile looks pretty good. I would say the same thing as tlg, consider fan 3 pushing in. I would also consider moving one of the higher speed fans to be an pushing fan. That way you should have a more positive pressured case and therefore keep a bit more dust out.

    Also don't forget that these will not be the only fans in your case. You will have many other components that all have fans as well. So when thinking about the air flow in your case I usually find it better to keep the basics in mind (fans in front/bottom push in, fans in back/top pull out) but use those to aid the fans already inside.

    Aka make sure your top fans are aiding your CPU cooler and make sure that you are thinking about where the hot air from your GPU will be going and the quickest way for it to get out of the case.

    Hope this helps.
  7. make fan 5 on the left push air in and add a 120mm or a 140 mm at the bottom of the case under neath fan 6 pulling air in
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