GPU Overheating- Too Hot?

Whenever I game on cod4, i set my fan speed to 86 using EVGA Precision, and run RealTemp in the background to monitor my temps. When i check the log it says my gpu went up to 80 degrees, but i dont get any artifacts. while gaming. I am currently using a Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 and game with normal-high settings. will my gpu overheat and burn out if i continually let it get that hot?
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  1. 80c is normal operating temp under load
  2. On hot days, my GTS 250 routinely gets to 80 even with the GPU fan set to 90%. No probs whatsoever. It's just the summer season since I don't have A/C but during winter I never have to set the GPU fan past 64% and the GPU maxes out at 68 C.
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