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I have 2 x25-m 80gb set on raid 0, installed on xp 64bit. but somehow the boot time (xp loading screen) takes longer time than normal hdd. post is fast, but the xp booting screen takes wayy too long for an ssd. Anyone experience this? Anything i'm doing wrong?

thankyou in advance!
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  1. I have 2 x 160GB X18-M G2 in Raid0 in my laptop on win7 64-bit.

    How long does it take to load? My boot time is about 12-14 seconds. I had to disable a couple of startup processes that I didn't need and I disabled GUI boot. Have you run a benchmark to determine your read/write speeds?

    Are you updated to the latest Intel RST drivers?

    There are a few tweak guides out there to assist with reducing boot time.
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