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PII 965BE-accurate vcore reading

hello all. I just bought and installed a Corsair A70 CPUcooler, so i figured id try to push my cpu a lil further.. I'm doing my overclocking by following the THF AMD BE overclocking guide. So far, i have my multiplier set to x19.5. when i set it to x20, it wont boot up. so i go back into BIOS to change the Vcore,But, im not sure how to set my Vcore accurately. In the BIOS health tab, the Vcore is fluctuating from 1.44v to 1.47v... Even when i check vcore in CPU-Z, it shows the same Vcore(1.44v-1.47v). So, i tried changing it anyway... In BIOS, i changed Vcore from auto to 1.47125v. I tried booting, but it didnt work. Even tho the Vcore is set at 1.47125v, bios, CPU-z, CPUID hardware monitor, show a lower Vcore reading. So, how do i know exactly what the Vcore is set at?? Do i need to set the Vcore a little higher than what i need it to be? any help would be much appreciated.

BTW current STABLE specs are---965BE@3.817mhz, multiplier@x19, vcore@1.42v-1.47v
mobo,Asus M4A785TD -EVO
POSU--CoolerMaster GX650
4gb OCZ reaperHPC(2x2gb) cl8
HD5770 core@950mhz mem@1435mhz
Modded NZXT Lexi-S case with 6fans(3in-3out) & Corsair A70 on CPU
OS-winXP 32bit
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  1. Make you sure that PCI-E Spread Spectrum is disable as well as C1E Support.
  2. thx 4 reply... C1E Support is disabled. i cant seem to find anything that has to do with PCI-E SS. I dont think the Vcore should be that high if its set to auto... should it??
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  4. went back and re-read that guide. turns out i must have skipped a section by mistake. multiplier is now stable at x20@1.52v. finally stable at 4.0ghz!!!
  5. Congratulations!
  6. Glad to hear that. What temps are your getting in load?
  7. thx guys :) while playing STALKER call of Pripyat @1920x1080res,max settings(DX9), temps peak ~40c via coretemp. So far im very happy with the corsair A70 cpu cooler. This thing is a steal for $25. I cant really overclock my GPU anymore, so i think my performance is about as good as its going to get.
  8. Enjoy it now ;)
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