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i have a dual layer external LG dvd drive and was wanting to try to convert it to an internal dvd drive for my new computer. is this possible? i just dont wanna spend 30 bucks for an internal drive to install the drivers for the mobo when i wont be using it after that! thanks
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  1. what is the model number of the external LG DVD drive
  2. LG - Super-Multi 24x External USB 2.0 Double-Layer DVD±/CD-RW Drive

    thanks for the reply
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    if it is a full size drive, NOT a slim drive (laptop like), you might be able to open the case and pull out the drive.
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  5. DVD burners are $15, not $30.
  6. geekapproved said:
    DVD burners are $15, not $30.

    where could i find one for 15? thanks
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