Trouble overclocking ASRock H61M/U3S3

Have an i5-2500K. Been looking for a guide to my bios, uefi, but no luck. I find guides but their related to other mobo manufactures. Some of the settings are the same name but others are different.

Load Line Calibration

CPU Voltage - I know what it is but disguised as something else. Or I may have just overlooked.


What are these terms/acroynms related too for my mobo? Another thing, I don't want to seriously overclock right now since I just have stock cooler, would it be okay just to raise it about 300-400MHz, and also without adjusting any of the other settings? I currently have it 200Mhz oc.
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  1. The maximum you are going to be able to over clock is +400MHz Turbo. This is the same as the H67 board limitation.

    The maximum stock Turbo speed is 3.7GHz on a 2500K. The maximum overclocked Turbo speed is 4.1GHz.

    Set the CPU multiplier to 41.
    Set the CPU voltage to Auto.
    Leave the rest of the settings at their defaults.

    The stock cooler might handle this overclock, but it may not -- it depends on your case cooling. If the CPU core temps get above 75ºC while the CPU is loaded, you will need to buy a real cooler.

    If you wanted to "seriously overclock" you should have gotten a P67 mainboard. Those don't have the +400MHz limitation.

    And there is no guide to the ASRock UEFI settings. ASRock users like us have to muddle through without one.
  2. Alright I assume your referring to the CPU Ratio Setting as CPU multiplier, correct I can only put that to 37 there. I don't have a CPU voltage setting.

    I have a CORE CURRENT LIMIT setting.


    Load GPU EZ OC Setting - disabled

    CPU Ratio Setting - manual
    Max Ratio - 35

    GT Over Clock - enabled
    GT Freq - auto
    GT Voltage Override - auto

    Intel SpeedStep Tech - enabled

    Intel Turbo Boost Tech - enabled

    Turbo Boost Power Limit - Auto

    Core Current Limit - 150

    Do I have to enable something to manipulate those settings? Going to continue playing with it, modestly
  3. That board doesn't have a lot of the overclocking settings, like I said in the other thread you posted. Unfortunately, CPU voltage is one of the missing ones. In any case, it is set at Auto when it doesn't show up anyway.

    If 37 is the maximum you can put in Max Ratio, then do it. That will put your CPU at 3.7GHz, and it should still use Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz on one core when you need it. I just don't know if you will be getting enough CPU voltage to go that high, and you can't adjust it.
  4. I have all the options in this post you replied too... if that might make any difference.

    ******* * **** ** ** * ** *** *** *

    Just saw your reply to the above link, was jumping back and forth and didn't realize I was being a tard. Thanks for your quick and helpful responses
  5. how many case fans can you have connected with this motherboard, I am planning on buying the same one with i5 2300/6870. My case has 2 fans, I hope I can connect both
  6. Jawny said:
    how many case fans can you have connected with this motherboard, I am planning on buying the same one with i5 2300/6870. My case has 2 fans, I hope I can connect both

    Get something like this for case fans, and you can plug as many as you want:

    If you want to run them at a slower speed then you can use these low voltage adaptors
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