Problem with an old MS-6377 when adding PCI video card

I'm building a machine with an old MS-6377 dual CPU server board with an integrated dual channel Adaptec AIC-7899w Ultra 160 SCSI adapter.
Board specs here.
I want to use a Seagate Cheetah Ultra 320 as a system disk and when using onboard video (ATI Rage XL 4 MB) BIOS detects SCSI. When plugging a GeForce 4 MX-4000 PCI video card, the BIOS don't detect SCSI adapter/disk. I guess it's kinda IRQ conflict but since I'm quite a noob, I can't solve the problem.
Any suggestions on how to solve this and use the SCSI disk with the external PCI video?
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Is there a BIOS setting to disable the onboard graphics chip. What operating system are you using? Can you check the IRQ assignments in the BIOS? I am assuming the system will not boot. The motherboard has a ATI graphics chip on it and NVidia and ATI drivers cannot coexist unless you are running Windows 7..
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