Intel Quad Core Chipset bundle

hey guys

I wanted to buy this bundle

However, I have some small concerns

1) Because this is newly released, I might be buying into the hype instead of the product .. Perhaps waiting will lead to more discounts? Should I wait a few weeks to see AMD drop their prices too?

2) THese high end CPUs might need an external CPU fan. Should I buy one with this new Intel Core i5 750 Quad Core? Does the stock heatsink and fan seem inappropriate?

3) I don't use my computer for high end purposes. It might be just as adequate to get a n AMD AM3 with a PHENOM processor. .

what do you think?I

note: apologies for the broken link
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  1. Fix your link please - it's not working.
  2. ok so at first you can get a i7 bundel for 400$ a not so good one and you can also get the intel dx58so extreme motherboard with i7 920 and 3gb ddr3 1333mhz for 480$what is bether than i5 and in i5 i think you do not need a new cooler cause it is enaugh what you will get but with the i7 yoju should get one.

    hope this helps
    greets laluma22

    question are you going to overclock
  3. What are you gonna do with it?
  4. I am going to do basic work with it.. movies, word files, photos, etc... NO gaming.
  5. for video you also do need a good pc so yeah if you can find the parts i mentioned with a i7 instead of i5 it should be better and faster^^
  6. Since when do you need an i5 for watching movies?
  7. well it tepends on what movies ^^ if you watch full hd but probably not but for photo you need a good pc if you change pics and are photographer or smt like that

    may i also ask what kind of work if you are arhitekt or smt like that so i can suggest a cheaper processor but also good for doing few thinks at one time^^

    greets laluma22

    well ShtBrix your right you do not need and till now never needed a good cpu for movies you need also a good GPU
    but in case of watching F-HD movies on lcd 32" or higher i recomend a core2duo lowest 3,0Ghz or a quadcore should be better.
    why of thinking i5 or i7? well probably to be for future on safe side new movies and doing more than 2 or 3 things at a time ^^

    greets laluma22
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