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Hey Guys,
I got a quick question i need some opinions on...
I'm in the process of building a completely custom rig fro the ground up and decided on water cooling, Ive got pretty much everything all out but i have one little issue on what size of line i should use 3/8" I.D or 1/2"I.D :s

The Custom build will eventually be for a AMD fx platform when they come out this summer but for now it will be running a Phenom II X4 B60 over locked till then

So i need it to be strong enough for now and them

Thanks for your help guys!
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    Does Tubing Size Really Matter

    That and more in the sticky at the top of the forum.
  2. ^Yep, that's where I would point them, too.
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  4. 1/2in ID is better. Gets more water through the system.
  5. Tubing size between 3/8"ID and 1/2"ID is negligible on flow rates in a loop. Read the link delluser1 provided from the watercooling sticky...there is some factual data in there to support this claim.

    There are reasons I included the data in the sticky that exists is all very relevant data and almost all helps answer most questions from new people entering the watercooling community or curious about what it entails.
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