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Good day all,

I have a bit of a problem that's wrecking my head..

Let me start for the beginning, I build my son a PC for x-mas the only part i had was a hard drive. After the build every thing worked fine for about a month, then one day he got a message on the screen saying "boot device not found" or something like that. I rebooted in too the bios and noticed the hard drive was not detected, shut it down check all the connections but all seem fine. Then it worked again, week later... Dead. The S.M.A.R.T had a massage on the post saying the drive is damaged i must back-up and replace. So i thought the drive was dead, i removed one of my HDD (WD 500GB) but the pc didn't detect it. I changed all the SATA cables and tried different ports but no luck. Put the drive back in my PC (Asus Striker Extreme) but it's still dead... After a few reboots it came around and I'm using it now in RAID0 with no problems. So today i bought him a used 160GB Samsung spinpoint (for testing) but no luck... BIOS didn't detect it, put it in my pc, nothing... Three reboots and it started working no problem, i put it back in he's... Dead.

The funny thing is that the BIOS detects the optical drive.

Ive tried default settings, cleared the CMOS and remover the battery but no luck

The specs

Mobo: Asus M2N68-AM
PSU: 600w Corsair (cant remember the model)
GPU: 8800 GTX

I think the MOBO is bad... I think i must send it back.

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply...
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    I'd agree. If your son's machine cannot even detect the presence of an HDD, whereas another machine can find and use it OK, I'd suspect bad mobo. Your story seems to say this happens with 2 different drives, so that REALLY makes it look like this. I hope the mobo is still under warranty.
  2. Hi,
    That's not problem of a machine i think your machine is not detect external driver because is there some problem in your USB driver check out driver problem and reinstall it.
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