How do you get Palit to honor ther warranty?

How do you get Plait to honor their warranty when they wont return your calls. I have personal experience with the]8500 PCI-E 1024MB DDR2 TV OUT DVI]. In my opinion it is a nice card, runs very nice on my pc, but..... now the card has a issue where it is not working. I tried going bock to the store where I purchased it and was told to contact Plait, now this is where my problems start. After 3 days of trying to find the number and two weeks of consistent calling and leaving messages I just gave up. Now don't get me wrong people I love the card but trying to contact Plait and get them to call you back is next to impossible so I'm forced to call the Better business bureau + the store I purchased it from stopped carrying Plait products because of this. If anyone out there can help pls. email me at, I will hold off on taking action for 1 week.
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  1. dont post your email on web forums, its a great way to get spam email

    have you tried

    See RMA request form.
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