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Anyhow, I was recently watching a tv series off my hard drive (HTPC) and it suddenly froze. i could still bring up the task manager (took 10 bloody minutes) and decided to restart my pc. On restart i noticed my drive partition names had been wiped and upon closer inspection found out 2 were 100% empty according to windows. (the boot partition in which windows resides was fine)

Soooo, my hard drive is set up in 3 partitions
W7 ultimate ~80GB
Vista Ultimate ~60 GB
Data ~780 GB
plus a second 500GB hdd for yet more storage (seemingly unaffected, works fine so far)

only the vista ultimate and Data partitions seem to have been wiped. scanned for viruses but found nothing. anyone have any ideas what could have happened? and more importantly, how to recover my data!

thanks in advance. there may be cake later. x
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  1. Try running the drive manufacturer's diagnostic utility. Does it find problems with the drive? Any disk errors in your event logs?

    If the drive is ok you can recover lost partitions with Testdisk
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