My wireless noetwork keeps going off! please help

Hello im robert.. ( sorry if this drags on abit :S ...) Ive just also reilized that ive spelt network wrong to lol :S
ive recently had a very bad virus program on my computer ( anitivirus pro 2010) which was actually the thing causing the virus... and after many weeks of distress i got it completley erased and i got mcaffe total security :) ....
But after a while i found i had a problem ... i accidently pressed the reset button on my orange livebox
(wireless access point) -we have 3 computers (1 a laptop) one is directly connected to the livebox (modem cable) that is connected fine and has no issues, the laptop has windows 7- and is connected fine with no issues but ... my computer didnt want to connect. i have belklin wireless card or something and i can only get it to connect to the internet using xp as my defauly wireless conectivity thing (technical term)...i connect fine im just not sure its getting a ok connection .. videos seem slow and stuff like that (even when ive installed latest flash player ect) and mine is a brand new system (its on windows Xp sp3 ).... annoyingly it seems to disconnect me if ive been off the internet or inactive (not opening up a new page and just watching a video or something)... Please help me i cant download anything thats long ! please ... (i apologize again for the long writing)
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  1. Hacking through the undergrowth of ideas you have offered here (punctuation please !!), I can only suggest that the wireless connection between the Livebox and the wireless adapter may be poor.

    Try raising the LIvebox above furniture level, experiment with different channels, if you can detect neighbouring wifi networks move to a channel 5 stops from the strongest. Relocate cordless phone base or video sender away from Livebox or computer.
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