Need Some Advice Buying Parts For New PC

Hi there After some Help, I'm building myself a new pc I have just brought a Intel Core™2 Quad Q6600 got it for £120 ( not sure if thats a great price ) but i'm looking for a half descent motherboard to go with it. I dont want to go overboard with cost preferably under the £100 mark.

Also looking for some RAM about 2-4 GB and a power supply.

Hope you can through some suggestions my way as its been a while since i last built a pc and all the new gear is mind boggling.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. I suggested all this for a budget 400 dollar build
    maybe take a look and see if you like any of it? These are some of the cheapest - "decent" parts you can get.

    MSI Radeon 4850 - $90 after rebate [...] 6814127414

    Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 - FREE bundled game with video card [...] 6800127001

    Rosewill comp. case - $30 after rebate [...] 6811147068

    Core2duo E 7400 @ 2.88ghz - $120 [...] 6819115206

    OCZ 4gb - $36 [...] 6820227269

    Gigabyte mobo - $65 [...] 6813128388

    HEC 585w power supply - $35 [...] 6817339012

    GRAND TOTAL - $376


    if you use the E5200 Processor.. - $70 [...] 6819116072

    GRAND TOTAL - $326

    a cheap gaming computer none the less.

    oh and now it is free shipping after i changed the items around a little.
  2. What website(s) will you be using for parts? Since you posted your budget in pounds (right?) I'm assuming youre not in the US or Canada and won't be using newegg.
  3. i'm glad you saw that i didn't even see the pound symbol :o
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