Antec 1200 / Asus R2E and Fan Management

My current build plans include an Antec 1200 case and an Asus Ramapge 2 Extreme. Between them, they leave me with 11 fans to manage:

Antex Twelve Hundred

Case Top - (1) 200mm w/ Molex Connector
Case Rear - (2) 120mm w/ Molex Connector
Case Front - (3) front 120mm w/ Molex Connector
Case Side - (1) 120mm w/3 pin connector (added)
Case Middle - (1) 120mm w/3 pin connector (added)

Asus Rampage II Extreme w/ Prolimatech Megahlems

- 2 ENERMAX MAGMA UC-MA12 120mm Case Fan 69 cfm @ 18 dba 0.34 amp w/ 3 pin connector
- 1 Optional Asus chasis fan w/ 3 pin connector intended for water cooling setups only (but it's so pretty I gotta find a use for it :) , prolly near GFX card.

The R2E has the following fan headers available:

(1) CPU Fan
(1) PWR Fan
(3) Chassis Fans
(3) Optional Fans w/ thermal sensors

I'm gonna start with a stock setup but if cooling, cable routing or acoustics become an issue, would like to try using the capabilities of the MoBo and included FanXpert BIOS control to control fan speeds.

"The Plan":

1. CPU Fan Heatsink Header - Twin 340 mA fans in push-pull mode should be no issue, I assume, for being ganged together given Asus' spec's 350 - 2000 mA spec. Figure this cable adapter

2. PWR Fan Header - I haven't seen a PSU with this connector fo a long time. Is this still a "monitoring only" connection or can one actually attach a fan here ? MoBo Manual indicates that it has a GND, 12V+ and Rotation pin. It's real close to the top 200mm fan so it would seem to be a logical place to connect if it could be used.

3. Chassis Fan Header No. 1 - Connect to top front case fan.

4. Chassis Fan Header No. 2 - Connect to middle case fan

5. Chassis Fan Header No. 3 - Connect to bottom front case fan

6. Optional Fan Header No. 1 - Connect to ganged two rear case fans w/ thermal sensor located on CPU Heatsink.

7. Optional Fan Header No. 2 - Connect to ganged side case fan and optional Asus fan w/ the sensor on GRX card.

8. Optional Fan Header No. 3 - Connect to middle case fan w/ sensor located on northbridge or whatever looks hottest w/ the infrared thermometer

As was highlighted in the article here:,2105-5.html

"Lastly, having seen ABS and Cooler Master integrate three-pin case fans designed to plug into a motherboard and adapt them to work with a four-pin Molex connection, we would have liked to see Antec go a similar route. Instead, the Twelve Hundred’s fans are Molex-only, so a header-heavy motherboard like our Rampage II Extreme goes underutilized."

Agreeing with the articles author, for items 2 thru 6, if I go this route, I am going to need cable adapters. Now what is weird is that the Antec case fans, like the ones before them, are wired with red / black wires and yet all are rated 12 volt. I always understoon Molex wiring to be black = ground, yellow = 12V and red = 5 volt. So why do fan manufacturers buck convention and use red and black ?

What make sit confusing is I have seen the molex -> 3 pin adapters with both yellow / black and red / black configurations For example:

Any significance that I am not seeing with regard to this difference in wire color coding ?

Finally, it seems I also am going to need an 8 pin cable extension, again from same THG article link above:

"Of course, the Twelve Hundred’s design isn’t faultless. Connecting the 8-pin auxiliary power connector to the Asus board required an uncomfortable stretch. Any chassis vendor forcing power supply installations at the bottom of their cases should include an extension, as Cooler Master does with its HAF."

Thinking this will do the job:

In summary:

A. Does anyone have any alternate suggestions for sources of necessary adapter cables ?

B. Anyone have anything to offer by way of explanation for the yellow / red wire discrepancy on available adapters >

C. Any suggested revisions to "the plan" ?
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  1. I am curious. Why do you want to install so many fans? What are you planning to do with your pc?
  2. JohnnyLucky said:
    I am curious. Why do you want to install so many fans? What are you planning to do with your pc?

    Couple of reasons:

    1. They are "there" :) 6 of them come pre-installed in the case , the other 2 are optional to be used to direct air at the GFX card. Given the twin 275's in the GTX 295, a little extra cooling in and around the card can only help.

    2. The best HSF will be hampered in ya can't get enough fresh, cooler air into the case.

    3. Moving air across the HSF won't help if you can't get that hot air out of the case.

    4. Lower temperatures = increased life expectancy for all components.

    5. Ambient air at PC location gets as high as 88 degrees in the summer (when in hi-90's outside). Have AC in house but vent in my room has poor output. Stays cool at night w/o puter on but if I have door closed and playing games all day, it gets hot.
  3. I think that the fans that do come with the case is enough to keep everything cool. Each fan has a two way switch to change the speed and supply more cfm.
  4. soundefx said:
    I think that the fans that do come with the case is enough to keep everything cool. Each fan has a two way switch to change the speed and supply more cfm.

    Whether the stock fans are enough is not really the subject of this post. Here's the questions:

    1. There's only 1 CPU fan header on most MoBos and 2 CPU fans (push-pull) on many HSF's. I have posted a link for a Y-connector. Does anyone have any alternate vendor suggestions or see any problems with using one ?

    2. I'll need an 8 pin connector extension and posted a link for one. Does anyone have any alternate vendor suggestions ?

    3. Does the PWR fan header these days actually provide power to a fan or is still like legacy MoBos which just used this header for rpm feedback from the PSU ?

    4. If ya skip the 2 optional fans, it still leaves the 6 "stock" with the same issue. They are on molex connectors which means you can't take advantage of the 6 chassis fan headers on the MoBo. Whether you wanna automatically control 6 or 8, the question is, how ya gonna do it ?

    a) 3rd Party fan controller like the Sentry 2 ?
    b) cable adapters which will let you us the on board MoBo controls ?

    Reaching around the back of the case to move switches and adjusting 3 knobs on the front every time I bounce back and forth between light and heavy loads, I'm thinking will "get old" real fast.
  5. Recently arrived info ..... found this thread and received e-mails from Antec / Asus.

    If ya read the thread, there's one persistent poster warning about the dangers of changing the connectors giving all sorts of reasons. However, here's what the designers say:

    1. Antec builds the 1200 case with molex connectors simply for marketing reasons. The case has 8 fans and not many mobos are equipped w/ that many chassis fans.

    2. Asus says that they haven't seen a fan yet that their chasis headers can't handle.
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