Help with paging file and RAm for university question, MAny thanks!!!

Hi there all, this is my first post and I an new to this kind of forum! I am kind of forced to ask for help as I have no way of finding my answer through using Google, as this seems a bit complicated.

Basically my lecturer asked me 5 questions, 3 I think I figured out the other two I need clues as to how to find and learn the information needed I was hoping some clevr helpful person around here might be kind enough to give me a couple of pointers!

The questions I am stuck on are:

4. Paging in a virtual memory system allows nearly all contents of RAM to be paged to and from the hard disc. However, there must be some pages that are never swapped to disk. List one example, and give reasons.
5. Construct a diagram to show the mapping of a 64-bit virtual address to a physical address of 30 bits with a page size of 64K bytes.

I work hard at university and aim for A's all the way, and sometimes questions just seem difficult to answer.

Thanks anyone who takes the time to help me out I really appreciate it!!


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  1. Quote:
    Thanks anyone who takes the time to help me out I really appreciate it!!

    Paging, virtual memory and mapping are discused here. Perhaps someone can put it together in simple terms with a diagram. :)
  2. Thanks a lot for your input I will check out those links now!!
    Cheers again!!

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