System imbalance?

Hello all, I have a AMD Phenom 9950(OC'ed to 3.2GHz), a ASUS M3A78-T mobo, and a sapphire 1GB 4850(OC'ed to 700MHz core, and 1050MHz RAM),
I have my HT OC'ed too 2.2GHz same as my NB, was just curious if ppl think that my system is imbalanced, and if so how and how could I balance it for as little money as possible.

Thank you in advance,

p.s. other info:

CPU cooler: stock
Case: cooler master 690 cm?(cant remember)
PSU:cooler master Extreme 550W
RAM: corsair XM21066(2x2GB)[5-5-5-15-22-2T{as per RAMGUY @ corsair forums}]
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  1. Buy a aftermarket cooler so you dont fry your CPU
  2. ^ +1.
  3. will do, im thinking of getting a coolermaster TX2. But that does not really answer my question. Do you think the CPU is slowing down the rest of the computer?
  4. I wouldn't think so at 3.2 GHz. But it will slow down your computer when you fry it because it's over heating to high heaven.
  5. while it is warmer than i would like even after 3dmark 06 its well below the 61C limit of the CPU, at system idle(with my new case mind you) i get ~43 give or take ambient, at load about ~55C.

    would you think then perhaps my video card is too slow or do you think the system is preaty good for balance.

    hearing some preaty disturbing things though about that TX2, i.e. the fans falls apart after a couple of months. =0
  6. That's probably too hot if the limit is only 61. For the newer AMD CPU's the temp limit is 73 degrees, and the general practice is to keep them under 50 degrees max. The software can be off 5-15 degrees depending on a number of factors, and thus you need to give yourself a buffer zone. Plus it's never a good idea in the interest of longevity to run things at the maximum possible temp they'll withstand for everyday use.
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