Fat32 *gb limit?

I am tryin to format an external HDD with seperate partitions to connect to a led tv, I have found that I can have 8gb of space partitioned for the timeshift feature on my tv. and the rest of the drive NTFS to use as a medio hub. My question is is it possible to have a larger partion on the drive for timeshift using FAT32, as I know that with windows the max file size is 4gb but the tv seems to allow 8gb, with 2hrs of time shft. can i extend this partion?
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  1. FAT32 Max volume size 2 TB
    8 TB (with 32KB clusters)
    16 TB (with 64KB clusters, not widely supported)

    A partition size of less than 32 GB is recommended because tasks on a very large FAT32 file system become slow and inefficient.
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