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What's the best computer case under 100$? I would prefer one with a bottom mounted PSU, but it's not necessary.
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    The Antec Three Hundred is a popular case with gamers on a budget and you can mount the power supply in the bottom of the case. If you are in the USA shipping is free right now:

    Just above that there is the Coolermaster 690 which is a nice case. Shipping is not free but it is within your budget:

    Moving up a little bit there is the new Coolermaster Storm Scout, also with free shipping right now:

    The Antec Nine Hundred is on sale right for $99.99 but shipping is not free. The case is extrememely popular with gamers. I think it is Antec's all time best seller:
  2. all those cases are good,

    You can also try ebay, great place to sometimes get good cases for cheap (thermaltake speedo full tower $200 case i saw go for 85)

    I find it's hard to recommend cases because it's one thing that can be really based on looks

    microcenter has the haf 932 on sale

    over your budget but great case

    The thermaltake v9 black is also nice, and can be found here both editions for under 100
  3. Thanks for the tips.
  4. Check out Xoxide for some pretty amazing deals right now.
  5. ShtBrix - thanks for the heads up. It's a shame to see them shut down though.
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