Monitor or LCD HDTV for HTPC???

Hey guys, I can either get the Hanns G HG281 28" 1080p computer monitor for $340 or a 32" LCD HDTV from LG (also 1080p) for $650, what would be best for a combination of gaming and watching blu-rays?? If I get the Hanns G, the money I save can be used to upgrade other components of my computer, so it would be beneficial, but I don't want the monitor to be too small to watch blu-rays effectively.
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  1. How far away do you plan on watching the screen? For a bedroom, 28" would be just fine, but for a great room bigger is better.
  2. yea, just my bedroom...we'll have a bigger tv in the living room and my room is fairly small (college apartment)
  3. Then go with the 28" monitor. Another plus with using a true computer monitor is that it will turn itself on when you power up the HTPC. At least for my own HTPC, I have to turn on the TV separate unless I use the D-Sub connection.
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