Antec Kuhler H20 920 Questions?

I almost have all my parts for my new build and had decided to go with the Antec Kuhler h20 620. I ordered it from Antec directly and after a few mishaps with my order my package arrived today. Low and behold when I opened up the box they sent me the Antec Kuhler h20 920 by mistake. Since this is the high end item I was pleasantly surprised.

What are the main differences with this and the 620. I had researched the 620 thoroughly but not so much on the 920. Any have this item yet?
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  1. Main differences are that 920 has a double think radiator, giving you increased area for air passway. That will give you better temps. The other, is that you get a second fan supplied.

    Minute difference is also you get a little stronger pump for coolant.
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