Need to buy beeper for computer case

I'm building a new computer and the new case doesn't have a speaker or beeper to hear the beeps at POST.
Where can I buy a speaker to connect to the motherboard to hear the POST beep?
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    In a beeper store! :)

    Seriously, you should be able to find numerous online vendors that sell those little piezo pc case speakers. All I did was google it and the first link to come up was exactly what you are looking for:

    Quite a few of the newer pc cases come without speakers. However, the last motherboard I purchased came with one. Other motherboards use red and green led's instead of a speaker.
  2. Thanks. I Googled beeper and case speaker but didn't succeed. I think my new motherboard (not yet received) has led's, but being able to hear the beep is reassuring.
  3. I scavenge from old cases, but to do that, you need to be a packrat.
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