Tips on Aesthetics?

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a new thread discussing potential tips and ideas for making a more visually appealing case exterior and interior with regards to water cooling. I have been looking at some truly nice looking water cooled builds lately...

And many more that I just dont have the links to yet.

I have been curious as to how they get such a nice clean interior aside from good photography and lighting, I may potentially be looking to start another modded case watercooling project this summer and would like to get some opinions and ideas, for myself and for others, on making a nice watercooling setup that is not lacking performance and is nice looking as well.

Some things I have taken note of are....

-Lack of excessive LED's or cold cathodes in case, sticking to one or two major color tones.

-Great cable management.

-Sleeved cables in matching colors.

-Actual PC components that are "matching" with regards to visuals (color,design, etc.)

-Parts that are colored similarly w/ matching textures.

-Interior case frame painted or chosen to fit colors of watercooling components and PC parts.

-Fittings w/ angles that eliminate massive amounts of tubing or major bends in tubes.

Please post with any ideas, tips, concerns etc. that are involved with creating a visually stunning watercooled PC. Links to very nice builds would be nice as well.
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  1. 1~ experience/knowledge
    2~ money
    3~ patience
  2. ^ I'd say those 3 are at the top of a long list.
  3. Any specifics or tips? I guess its a bit of a tricky question to answer as each situation is different.
  4. The biggest thing is definitely need a very defined plan of what you want to accomplish from the very beginning. That doesn't mean you need to have the exact plans for the end result determined, but knowing what you want to get done is something should be well thought out.

    Along with the meticulous planning, having the time and resources to accomplish the plan is another thing to consider. These 2 items are the exact reason I have yet to build the case I'd like by is definitely in the works...but mostly just sketches, drawings and some various links to keep me going. The problem is, I see things here and there that make me want to revamp my drawings and sketches so I am stuck in a perpetual circle of initial planning. Plus, I'm always incredibly busy, so that gives me a good excuse not to have anything to show for it. :)
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