9500gt dilemma

i'm thinking of buying a 9500gt

i'm confused on which one to get

an inno3d 512mb ddr3 with 700mhz memory freq.

or a

palit 256mb ddr3 with 800mhz memory freq??

i'll only play at 1024 x 768 or lower resolution...

so which one to choose??
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  1. Get a 4650

    About the same price. The 4650 DDR2 is superior, and the DDR3 version (rarer) is much superior.
  2. Heh, the 9500GT isn't much of a gaming card now adays. Anyway the Radeon 4650 is much better so you should get that. If you're really hung up on a 9500GT though then I would say go with the inno 3d. Having enough RAM will help you chug along in the more memory hungry games. I suppose either card is fine for playing the sims or something, just don't expect to play something like Crysis ^_^
  3. yup. i wouldn't really go for nvidia's cards in the low end of the market. ATI seems to have better value down there
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